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January Bridge News 2012

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Well first of all Happy New Year to everyone.
Thanks to all 15,000 plus visitors in 2011

I can’t say I’m too pleased at the way my life seems to be speeding along.
I cannot believe I I have survived this long.
Bridge news is very thin on the ground as Christmas celebrations seem to have got in the way.  
We didn’t even get one game in, so are looking forward to our bridge fest in  Tenerife next

The EBU has some advice for those wanting to learn the game which I pass on to our British readers.

We also strongly recommend that you start to learn with an EBU qualified teacher.

Each teacher has been on courses run by the EBU and all deliver top class
course materials, supplied by the EBU.

Your teacher will not only get you started playing bridge. This will also  provide framework upon which you can progress from the relaxed atmosphere of the classroom through to enjoying your new-found skills in a friendly playing environment.

Further help

If you want to obtain more help or advice on learning bridge, contact the EBU Education Department on:
                                                              Tel: ( 00 44 )
                                                                  01296 31721

I look at Bridge World every month and noticed that they have a contest which is is isfree to enter and it might be fun to pit your wits against the other entrants.
The Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club

Welcome to The Bridge World's Master Solvers' Club, the world's longest running and most popular bridge feature. The Master Solvers' Club contest is free to enter.
A new contest is held each month, and presents eight bridge problems in bidding and play. After the contest deadline, the problems are scored by a director and are discussed by an expert panel in The Bridge World magazine.
View and answer the current month's problems and submit last month's score.

I have been browsing the internet and have found a site which deals with bridge from scratch. 
 It does not suppose any knowledge at all and would be helpful for complete beginners.


 It must be very difficult for Bridge holiday organisers with all the unrest in the Middle East and Africa. 
Bridge Overseas has a very full programme for bridge breaks in Britain and are staying with safe venues abroad.
Their new  brochures are well worth a look.


Pattie Dupree

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