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Hello again. Not much happening chez- nous at the moment. 
 We are contemplating a short holiday in Malta in September where we can enjoy the sunshine and play bridge.


As usual I have been trolling through the web to pass on some snippets which might be of interest so here goes:

 The bridge game, Bridgepro is the most advanced, affordable contract rubber bridge computer card game on the market today.

Version 3.1 is Windows 7 compatible (32 and 64 bit) and compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and above.


It will realistically play bridge with the user as if there were three other individuals sitting at the table. 

It is visually pleasing, simple to use, and reliable.

It has a number of unique features that makes it an exciting game for the beginner or the most  advanced player.
There are  three levels of play in Bridgepro, ( Basic, Intermediate and Advanced ). 

By selecting the proper level you can gradually work toward the top level of play. You can add one or several conventions at a time.

The more unusual conventions are alerted and have a help file that explains each convention.

Hints are available at all times during bidding and card play. 
In fact, one can let the computer play an entire board by repeatedly selecting hint.

 The user may claim at any time during bidding or play of the cards.

 Advanced players, will of course, immediately select their convention choices and play at that level. 

Version 2 [published in June '03] had many new features including Acol bidding, weak no-trump convention and Chicago bridge scoring .

You may view the other players' hands in real time or select a view of the originally dealt hands [double dummy].

 Although this is technically cheating, this feature is actually an excellent teaching tool.

 The computer, on the other hand, will never cheat. 

Bidding and card play pathways act independently, never looking in the other players' hands. 

Unlike other bridge games on the internet, this game requires no monthly fees and no connection to the internet. 

The registered program will play forever!

Hooray. Bridge Base Online now has an App. Play bridge on your iphone, ipad, or android devices! Play online or watchvugraphs.


We have not succumbed to having a smart phone yet  but I feel that ownership of the aforementioned is only a matter of time.

 My daughters keep waving theirs under my nose and telling me ‘its the future mother’  For those of you who have already given in here’s a few apps which might be of interest.


Lots of bridge apps to be found for Android devices on Google Play.
We're really enjoying iBridge Plus (iPad App). 
You can play any number of hands with yourself or create a challenge, set a winner$' pot, and play against the world.

Very fun! And especially handy for people who might only have time for or 10 hands.


The interface is bold and simple.

The graphics are nicely done.

Many professional bridge players and teachers frequent various online forums.

Post your bridge question to one of these workshops:

GOOGLE GROUPS lists rec.games.bridge (RGB) with over3,000 current topics and lots of great bridge teachers and experts sharing their knowledge of the game.
RGB is the granddaddy of online bridge discussion forums - it was around before the world wide web!


Bridge Base Forums - lots of activity and interesting topics including Book Reviews.

For those of you who live local  ie in the midlands I came across Pershore Bridge Clubs website.


I was hoping I could persuade the other half to go for a drive and country lunch one of these Summer days and end up in a bridge club somewhere.  Pershore certainly fits the bill,  all I have to do now is to  work my feminine wiles....

Pattie Dupree

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