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July / August Bridge Letter 2012

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What happened to our Summer ?
 I can’t ever remember such rain.  I spent 4 days in Gower and have never been so wet.

Unfortunately I did not have time to visit the bridge clubs atMumbles and Swansea

Still we are going to Malta in September and hope to renew our acquaintances in the clubs there.


I have been looking for articles which are good for learners and came across the following instructions on how to score duplicate bridge.
I hope it is of help to some readers who might be considering venturing into a club after playing at home informally.  
Each board is marked to  show  whether  both sides, one side or neither side is vulnerable for that board.
You still need to score at least 100 points for tricks bid and made to make a game, but on each board, both sides start with zero points towards games - there are no 'part scores' carried forward.
There are game and part score bonuses:

Making a game when vulnerable:       500 points
Making a game when not vulnerable:   300 points
Making a part score any time:         50 points

The rest of the scores are the same as in rubber  bridge, except that there are no bonuses for honours in duplicate bridge. So for example:

  • if we bid 2 spades and make 4 (10 tricks) we score 170, that is 60 for two spades bid and made, 60 for two overtricks and 50 for the part score;
  • if we bid 4 spades and make it when we are not vulnerable we score 420 (120 for the contract and 300 for the game);
  • if we bid 4 spades and make it when we are vulnerable we score 620 (120 for the contract plus 500 for the game).

These scores are of course not yet the final scores.

They have yet to be compared with the scores achieved by other people who have played the same cards as us on this board.

The method of doing this comparison varies according to what kind of duplicate is being played.

Perhaps the commonest types are teams of four with international match point (IMP) scoring, and matchpointed pairs.

I have recently been introduced to YOUTUBE by my daughters.  Its really fascinating!


One types in a subject and immediately a video will appear with sound giving instructions.

I first used it to make a curry and it was so easy to follow.   I then thought that it might be useful for bridge learners and sure enough there are lots of videos giving instructions.

I have been using multisensory techniques in my teaching for years and wish I had had such tools at my command.

While browsing I came across Funbridge.com which gives a month’s free membership.  It did sound like ‘fun’.


In this Olympic year how about taking part in Bridge’s own world class sporting event? 
The Transnational Mixed Teams at the 2nd Mind Sports Event in Lille France is open to all for details see


This advert comes from Ecats.
Another virtual bridge site which is full of interest to bridge players.

Switzerland - ECatsBridge - World Wide Bridge Contest Friday


ECatsBridge - promoting real bridge in a virtual world.

I wish I had had access to this site while I was living in Switzerland.  I was not so adept with the mouse in those days and spent my time writing emails to my family and waiting days for a reply.





An announcement about a new online bridge activity from the EBU.




A new European online championships for University students is being launched on BBO and starts on 1st October 2012.

If you're interested in getting a team together, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.


The following site is worth a look as it contains shed loads of useful information.

The Bridge World


The Bridge World Magazine, Bridge Articles, Learn Bridge, Practice Bridge, Play Bridge, Bridge resources.

Well that’s all for now next time I write will be after my visit to:

Bring on the sunshine!


Pattie Dupree

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