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March - April 2013 Newsletter

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Dear readers,

I cannot believe the weather

(along with 6 million others).

We went to Tenerife on the 17th of February and returned approx 4 weeks later expecting to find ourselves arriving in the English Spring.

But no! We came back to icy pavements, cold winds and snow drifts.

Last year when we came back we got told by all and sundry that the heat-wave we had missed was phenomenal.

I know we do not have to go out as much as other people and so do not have to walk on slippery roads but nevertheless it was a nasty shock.

Once again I would like to thank  Reg and Betty and Alf and Doreen for welcoming us into their bridge clubs.


We really enjoy our visits and also find it interesting as we get to know the regular bridge players.

We also made a few afternoon visits to the Grand Slam Italian Bridge Club at the Grand Arona Hotel Tenerife.


The standard is really quite testing and the post mortems very heated but always good natured.

We were very sorry to leave especially as it was 35degrees on the balcony on the day we left.OUCH!

I found this article while browsing for news and thought at first it was an American site but no, people were looking for partners in Somerset so I guess it’s local to UK.

Seems as if it might be quite useful.

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Congratulations to Hylda Townsend on reaching her 100th birthday.

She has been a tour de force at West Midlands Bridge Club for many years and has served as an EBU vice-president.


Many Happy Returns!!! 


I was interested to see the Landmark promotions in the EBU magazine.  Not that I am expecting to move up any time soon.

Master:-           5000 mps

Regional Master:-  10,000mps including at least 25 Green Points.

Life Master:-      60,000mps including 150 Green Points.

Grand Master:-     120,000 mps including 600 Green Points.

Well, we can all dream can’t we?  

I notice that Peter Crouch said in his article in the EBU magazine that he would like to start at about 11am and go through until about 7pm.

A few years ago on a visit to California I played in a small town called Cupertino.


There the age of the bridge players is similar to the UK club members.

They started at 11am but had a break for lunch.  Whoever was director provided lunch for all the players.

I am not sure if they were reimbursed by the club or whether they paid for it themselves.

The women members brought homemade dishes which had obviously taken time and hard work to prepare.


The men for the most part used the Dial-a-Pizza service or brought in ready made sandwiches.

In any case all the food was delicious.  The whole break lasted up to 30 minutes and then off we went back to the bridge.

At 4 o’clock the session finished and we all went home.

This timing meant that none of the elderly players were out alone after dark and so felt safe to come out to meet their friends have lunch and also enjoy their bridge without having to worry about personal safety.

It is interesting to read that someone in the UK is suggesting an earlier start.

Perhaps it will catch on.

Don’t know when I’ll get back to the sunshine but am keeping my fingers crossed that it will not be too long.


Pattie duPree

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