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June Bridge Letter 2013

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Hi readers! Here we go again with what is really a blog of sorts.


Great news from the EBU.


We can now access the magazine on line.


If you want to dispense with the paper version you can do this in the Members’ Area or phone the EBU 01296 317000.


This new development will be a boon for those of us who have downsized to apartments and are drowning under the weight of newspapers, magazines and books.


We can also access past copies on line so that’s all right.





Have been looking at Great Bridge Links website.


It seems to have lots of good interesting links to other sites which might prove helpful.


Here are a few of them:




An interesting piece of information is that the 2013 women’s Bridge festival is being held in October in Berlin.


No more details as yet.

I must say I feel ambivalent about women’s events, they don not sit well with my support for equality.


Among the links is a great one for shopping, the gifts are for card players but there are a few novelties which I had not seen before.




The site also has a list of bridge clubs in the UK and the rest of the world which is useful for bridge players who prefer to find their own bridge on holidays rather than going with organised bridge holidays.


The only difficulty is that the entries do not seem to be in any particular order so Croatia




is next to Williamstown Bridge Club( Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.)










You will find a social network to help bridge players find a suitable partner.


Players are shown how to assess their skill level and bidding style.


This information is used to search for similar players.


When I looked there were people from UK searching so if you need a partner this might be a good place to look.






There is also a discussion forum which is very interesting especially if you are dead nosey like I am its like tuning into other peoples conversations!



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This is a good site to wander through.


There are quite a few poems (a bit twee for my taste) but some of the jokes brought a smile.


We had a partnership misunderstanding.  My partner assumed I knew what I was doing.


A wry smile for that one.


“Overheard at the bridge club.”


“We had a 75% game last night.”


“Three out of four opponents thought we were idiots.”


Those two just about sum up my bridge lately!




Pattie Dupree


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