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October/November Bridge Letter 2013

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Our trip to Malta proved to be as enjoyable as ever.





 For the first time we flew with Ryan Air and in spite of the bad press it gets we have no complaints.




The travel agent [thank you Moseley Travel] had printed out our boarding cards which helped enormously.




We would not have been aware of the extra charges without their explanation.

We will know what to do on our next trip.

The only hiccup was when the gate number was announced we got in the queue and had to stand for nearly an hour waiting for boarding to begin.   Usually we sit until the last minute to avoid the standing.


After it all became clear that people were prepared to queue for this amount of time so that they would get seats next to their companions.   Had we known that we would have waited until the last minute as we usually do.

The flight is only three hours long and as we normally read throughout we felt that we could manage the flight  without sitting next to each other! Perhaps this is another plus for Ryan Air!




We visited the Malta clubs and were flattered to find most people had some memories of us and as usual we were made very welcome by all the members.

The weather was superb, hitting 30 most days poolside which is why we like the island so much.





Recently I was scrolling through different websites, our new ipad is too handy and wastes a lot of my time.

I clicked on Mumbles Bridge club which is one of the places we visit when in the area and a site came up which I found fascinating.




this gave a full description of Mumbles and also directed me to a playing site. Here you can sign up for free and gain unlimited access to a comprehensive library of casual games, mini games free to play games and classic games.

Jo-Games certainly seems worth checking out as it means the games can be accessed on PCs,  Tablets, mobiles,PS3,  Xbox and Smart TVs.



AS Christmas is looming its good to know that Bridge World is offering up to 60% off its selection of 800 books, soft ware,  playing cards and accessories.  It also offers gift subscriptions which might be an idea for the bridge player who has everything!









This site is very interesting and has also collected lots of ideas for Christmas presents.

Also it has information about a bridge museum in Leerdam the Netherlands and we can actually do a virtual tour.  Science still has the ability to surprise!




This site leads to www.giftsforcardplayers.com/

Where not only are there good present ideas for bridge players but directs us to online casinos





And while these might not be everyone’s cup of tea it is quite interesting to see the sites for ourselves and to know what people are talking about.




To finish just a quote which is attributed to Ogden Nash about marriage but which can also be applied to bridge.




“To keep your marriage brimming with love from the loving cup”


“When you are wrong admit it.” 


“When you are right shut up”.





Pattie Dupree

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