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Dec 13 / Jan 14 Newsletter

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                          January Bridge Letter 2014





First of all let me wish everyone a “Happy New Year”.


 May health and prosperity abound.


This brings me to another point a very big thank you at all the 44,786 visitors to this site in 2013.


I would like to welcome the Edgbaston Priory club which has just been affiliated to the EBU.






Great news for us as we visit the club regularly in our never ending battle against the crumbling of old age.



We make trips to the gym and pools trying to tone up our withering muscles before we decline further into decrepitude.


I haven’t been able to play there as Tuesdays equals “grandparenting” duties but after Easter the family will be decamping for foreign shores for six months and I hope to fill in the time by playing more bridge.


I doubt though if I can persuade the Bloke to play in the hours of daylight.  I sometimes wonder if there isn’t a trace of vampire blood in his veins.


I should also like to mention the Stansfield Bridge Club as they too have affiliated to the EBU.





It’s a very good week for us as we bought our air tickets for Tenerife. We are looking forward to getting some sunshine and playing a little bridge. 


As usual I have been browsing the web and came across the following competition.  It seems easy and fun to do so keep returning to the site again and again.


The Bridge World's MASTER SOLVERS CLUB is the world's longest-running and most popular bridge feature. New problems in bidding and play are presented each month. The contest is free to enter and is open to all bridge players.


 The Bridge World also includes jokes which are so esoteric it would take a grand master to ‘get’ them.

Have a look a the one by Nick Stragussi  its very droll.  It is too long to reproduce here but is worth a look.



I see that bridge is going the same way as footie.


Countries are being allowed to field non nationals in their national teams.


Monaco was allowed by the WBF to field a team of two Italians, two Norwegians, one French and one Franco-Swiss player in the Bermuda bowl.


Transfer fees anyone????


This is how the Bridge World defines this contest the trophy for the major world team championship; the most coveted trophy in international tournament bridge, comparable to the World Cup in soccer.




It’s not too late to enter the Bridge England Simultaneous pairs which takes place on the 4th and 5th of February at clubs around the country. You can find a list of clubs which are running this event by visiting





Pattie Dupree

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