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April Bridge Letter 2014

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April Bridge Letter 2014





Hi folks. I think my bridge letter is morphing into Pattie’s Bridge blog!


I wonder if my readers will desert me or whether the reader base will change?

We have just come back from Tenerife where the weather was absolutely glorious.

A few days were cloudy but mostly the sun shone brightly and we sat

happily poolside for most of each day building up a deep tan and “people



Fortunately for us the Italian bridge club at the Grand Arona Hotel now meet three times a week and have reduced their fees from 5 Euros per person to fifty cents.

All because the hotel like s to advertise bridge in its brochure and so has made a donation of the bridge room free to the club.

They begin at 3.30 pm so we can sit in the sun for four hours and then make our way there and as we normally finish at around 7pm just in time for dinner.






The Italian club is very lively the players are of course mainly Italian and Spanish. Both are renowned for their excitability at the bridge table.

However our own altercation involved a German couple. She had already picked me up on a point of order during the bidding, well deserved and I hope taken with good grace.


On the day in question Tel opened a club and my alert was brushed aside.

I looked at my hand, 16 points and six hearts.

Usually our 1 club turns out to be a balanced 12 to 14 points;

I thought for a minute and responded 3 NTS. My LHO asked Tel whether I could have a 4 card major and he did answer I could have anything.

She led the ace of hearts. Dummy goes down, 2 little hearts.

Her partner played the jack and I played low.

She then played a low heart only to learn her partner's jack was a singleton and I now held the King, Queen, 10, 9.8 and 4 of hearts. At this point she threw her hand down, shouting


This cannot be!!! This you cannot do.’!!!


The hand played out to my satisfaction 3NTs plus 2.

She leapt to her feet and towered over me and started screaming.


You have been illegal’


and so on it seemed as if I had broken many bridge laws and breached the “Geneva Convention”!!!


She finished off by informing me that she was a director back in Germany and she knew what she was talking about.


I really was very restrained and just kept reiterating that I could make any bid I liked and that I was also a director and that my bid was legal.


She stormed off to the solace of nicotine and her partner stood up.


He was at least 40 years younger than us and was easily 6ft 6ins and 6ft wide.

He said again looming over me


My partner was right you are illegal and have broken bridge rules, but we will forget it as we are playing holiday bridge’

and followed her from the room.


On our return to UK I checked with the EBU laws and ethics and was told I had not done anything wrong!


The unofficial advice was try and do it again next time you go there on holiday.

We look forward to our next encounter.





We also visited the Atlantis bridge club over in San Eugenio.

They start later so we usually go over and have dinner first before ambling down the hill to meet up with Alf and Doreen who run the club.




It is very calm and peaceful with more socialising than the other club.

We usually go out for a meal with a few of the members and sometimes have a couple of sessions of ‘kitchen’ bridge.


This year we didn’t get to the other English club held at the Commodoro. They meet at 1pm which means we have to cut short our time in the sun and this year we were reluctant to do this.




We have booked a few weeks in November so look forward to some more fine weather to tide us through the winter.

Tel is reaching retirement age this month and is meant to be cutting back on his work commitments.


I’ll believe it when I see it.


Recently we have managed to get to our local club and unfortunately we can’t seem to get the consistent playing we can achieve on holidays.


Perhaps we are not stressed when we are away from Birmingham.


More next time I hope,


Pattie Dupree

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